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Type / Fiction
Format / Digital
Running Time / 21'
Genre / Drama
Language / Spanish
Subtitles / English
Festivals / Valdivia Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival,

Fic Talca, Lebu, Sanfic. 


In The Dabbler Man we witness the struggle of a man and his silent battle to understand himself and the world he is trapped in, together with his obsessions, desires and the constant ravings of his imagination.


This concept attracted me immediately: although it was the story of one man, it somehow belonged to all of us. This man navigated through his passions and duties, yet in the ended realized that he was nothing more than an amateur at the life he was living.   

“That's all any of us are: amateurs. We don't live long enough to be anything else.” Charlie Chaplin.


Rodrigo Soto,
Nathalia Aragonese,
Jorge Fuentes,
Dayani Vallesteros,
Jaiber Lara.
Special Thanks To Eduardo Barril


Directed By / Mario Horton 
Movie Script / Mario Horton & Luis Barrales
Producers / Constanza Majluf
Direction Of Photography / Andrés Garces
Art Director / Jose Luis Muñoz
Film Editing / Andrea Chignoli
Editor Assistant / Julio Rojas
Sound Design / Carlo Sanchez & Csf Sonido
Music / Daniel Maraboli
Production Companies / M.A.R. Producciones
Sound Design / Carlo Sanchez & Csf Sonido
Color / Filmosonido
Production Manager / Claudia Reinero
Location Manager / Juanjo Durán
Technical Producer / Marcelo Gonzalez Lagunas
Production Assistant / Felipe Torres
Focus Puller / Johnny León
Gaffer  /  Jorge “Coke” Cáceres
Sound Recorder / Carlo Sánchez (A.S.D.)
Boom / Fernando Marin  (A.S.D.)
Data Manager / Julio Rojas
Making Of / Juan Alemparte
Box Coach / Pancho Pinto
Catering / Maria Jose Lagos – Claudio Diaz
Scooter Operator / Gonzalo Zúñiga
Still Photos / Juan Alemparte

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