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I’m a Filmmaker and actress, born in Santiago, Chile; based in New York. 

The first time I walked onto a set as a cast member was for the film "The Motorcycle Diaries”, directed by Walter Salles. This marked the beginning of a career of over a decade dedicated to filming on set, both in front of and behind the camera.

I've worked as the Assistant Director in projects by acclaimed directors such as Eli Roth (US), Vincenzo Marra (Italy) and Chilean directors Pablo Larrain, Sebastian Brahm and Cristian Jimenez, with renowned actors such as Keanu Reeves, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Alfredo Castro. 

I'm currently enrolled at Columbia University’s M.F.A Film program; working on my thesis film “My Independence Day” (Katharina Otto-Bernstein Production Grant) and writing my first feature film “Marcia Marcela Madre Mujer” (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant).


  • Writer of “Marcia Marcela Madre Mujer”(In development). 

  • Director and co-writer of “My Independence Day” (El dia de mi Independencia) (In development)

  • Director and screenwriter of "Still" (short film, selected by Miami Film Festival 2020)

  • Director and film adaptation of “Santa Lucia” (short film, selected for LGBT-AMOR Film Festival, 2019)

  • Director of “The Assumption of Agustina”

  • Producer of the short films “Enfin Seule”, “The Dabbler Man” “Thirst”, “Santa Lucia” “Still”.

  • Assistant Director of “La Prima Luce”, “Knock Knock” “La Voz en Off” “El Circuito de Roman”, “Caleuche”, “Bombal”; TV Show“Prófugos”.

  • Actress “Post Mortem”, “Mandril” TV Show “Los Archivos del Cardenal”, “The Motorcycle Diaries”, among others

  • Production & Talent Coordinator, Assistant Director, Script Supervisor in different Production Services such as Service Station, Goodgate, Tantor Films. Primo, Cinemágica, among others. 


  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant for feature script "Marcia Marcela Madre Mujer" 2020.

  • Katharina Otto-Bernstein Production Grant for short film "My Independence Day" 2020. 

  • Dean’s Travel Grant to present short film "Santa Lucia" in "AMOR Film Festival" 2019. 

  • Alfred P. Sloan Screenplay Treatment Award for Feature Script "Marcia Marcela Madre Mujer" 2019.

  • Braven Films Score Mentorship for shortfilm "Still". New York, United States. 


  • In progress: M.F.A in Screenwriting/Directing at Columbia University in the City of New York.

  • B.A. in Performing Arts.- Minor in Cinema Aesthetics. Graduated with High Honors at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)

  • Directing actors classes in Matus Actores School. With Director Sebastian Lelio (“A Fantastic Woman”), actress Paulina Garcia (“Gloria”), Paula Zúñiga (Carcel de Mujeres), Roberto Matus (Escuela Roberto Matus).


  • T.A. in “First Features” - Professor Tom Kalin. Columbia University, New York, United States. 

  • T.A. in “Topics in World Cinema: Latin America” - Professor Richard Peña. Columbia University, New York, United States.

  • Service Positions in Columbia University, New York, United States:
    - Directing Assistant (Professor Eric Mendelsohn)
    - Fundamentals of Editing assistant (Professor Susan Korda)
    - Directing Actors IV assistant and Casting Fellow (Professor: June Stein)
    - Storylink Fellow (Professor: Rahmin Bahrani)

  • 2007 Theatre Teacher at Saint George College (Santiago, Chile)

  • 2007 Ad honorem theatre teacher at the  Psychiatric Institute Jose Horowitz Barak. (Santiago, Chile)

  • 2007 Theatre Teacher at Bradford School. (Santiago, Chile)

  • 2005- 2007 T.A. in Advanced Acting (3rd year), Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. (Santiago, Chile)

  • Professors: Luis Ureta and Veronica García Huidobro.

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