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Type / Fiction
Format Digital / 2.39
Running Time / 10'
Genre / Drama
Language / Spanish
Subtitles / English
Festivals / 37 Miami Film Festival


Mili visits the isolated village where her grandmother recently passed. There, she will meet a man who was once acquainted with her grandmother and will reveal a secret that will bind the trio on this plane and beyond.


The decision to film in Tongoy, in spaces that are disappearing, works as a metaphor for the act of conserving and protecting through registration. Mili subsequently protects her grandmother's story and resolves it through her own interpretation.


Emilia Noguera 
Lida Tokarew 
Carolina Silva Tokarew 
Manuel Tello


Directed By / Constanza Majluf
Movie Script / Written By Constanza Majluf
Producers / Mané Garrido, Constanza Majluf
Direction Of Photography / Liú Marino, Matias "Pastu" Baeza
Art Director / With The Help Of Community Of Tongoy
Film Editing / Constanza Majluf, Sushant Chaudary
Sound Design / Carlo Sánchez

Color / Matias "Pastu" Baeza
Music / Eric Laufer
Production Companies / Braven Films (Score Mentorship), Cachalote Films (Camera Equipment)
Subtitles / Leia Fell-Murray
Poster Design / Ina Olavarría
Sound Recorder / Carlo Sánchez
Catering / Aji De Pato | Patricia Silva Tokarew
Still Photos / Matias "Pastu" Baeza

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