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Type / Fiction
Format / Film 4:3
Running Time / 17'
Genre / Dark Comedy
Language / Spanish 
Subtitles / English


It’s 1988 and the plebiscite that will end a nearly 15-year dictatorship in Chile is on the horizon. Seven-year-old Manuela is obsessed with the dress she’ll wear for her school's Independence Day celebration. As she pesters her older brother Gabo to get her the dress, Manuela will stumble upon the political tensions that divide her home. With the long-awaited dress on and ready to celebrate at school, a new sense of independence will awaken within Manuela.


A small story in a bigger picture, and how both stories interact and influence each other, is something that fascinates me and that has been part of all the stories I’m interested in telling. The small scale details of a kid, her own sense of time and understanding, v/s the political turmoil and chaos of a nation. This is a coming of age story that will definitely shape her personality.  
This is my LOVE LETTER to all those kids who experienced that first “BEAT” when they all discovered there was a BIGGER REALITY. Something that hurt us profoundly, but also made us stronger.



Miranda Pachando 
Ingrid Isensee
Maria Olga Matte
Max Salgado
​Margarita Llanos


Directed By / Constanza Majluf
Movie Script / Written By Constanza Majluf And Lucia Aleñar. Current Revisions By Daniel Castro
Producers / Cecilia Otero, Felipe Azúa, Verónica Meza
Direction Of Photography / Inti Briones
Art Director / Jose Luis Muñoz
Film Editing / Andrea Chignoli    
Sound Design / Carlo Sánchez
Production Companies / Avispa Cine
Sound Design / General Design: Ina Olavarría
Subtitles  / Leia Fell-Murray
Production Manager In Teaser / Veronica Meza
Director Of Photography Teaser / Andres Martinoli (Mapa)
Assistant Director Teaser / Cecilia Otero
Art Assistant In Teaser / Vanessa Inostroza
Focus Puller In Teaser / Lautaro Salinas
Gaffer In Teaser / Diego Troya 
Electric Department / Angelo Benriv
Boom In Teaser / Fernando Marin
Make Up In Teaser / Catalina Galan
Hair In Teaser / Maru Rueda
Catering / Aji De Pato | Patricia Silva Tokarew    
Still Photos Teaser / Juanjo Durán

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